Why Visit Salzburg Museum?

Houses the 'Mythos Salzburg' exhibition, 'Treasures of the Past' and visiting exhibitions.

Salzburg Museum is housed in the New Residence (Neue Residenz) building opposite the Residenz. Instantly recognised by the famous Carillon Tower which has been chiming since 1702.

It displays precious objects of art and has many exhibition rooms charting the history of Salzburg from the Iron Age up to the present day. One of the main exhibits is the Roman mosaic floor that was discovered under Mozartplatz .

Between March and October you are able to have a guided tour of the Carrillon, weather permitting . The view from the top provides a new perspective on the city. Ask at the museum for more details.


Panoroma Museum

Next to the Salzburg Museum is the Panorama Museum which can be accessed from the Neue Residenz. This houses a round painting 26 metres long painted by J.M. Sattler (1786-1847). Visitors stand in the centre of the painting to look at Salzburg as it was 200 years ago.

In addition to the panorama there are large scale paintings by Hubert Sattler on display. The widely traveled painter captured unusual views of cities and landscapes during the 19th century.

Opening Times: Every day from 9am to 5pm except on 1st November and 24/25 December.

Cost: Entrance fee is €8.50 for adults, €4 for young people between 16 and 25, for children under 16 it is €3.

More Information: salzburgmuseum.at

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