What to Do in Winter

Winter in Salzburg can be a magical place with snow almost always expected in the city at some point. Exactly when varies from year to year but you may be lucky and have snow whilst you are visiting the Christmas Markets.

During late November to Christmas there are several Christmas Markets in Salzburg:-

  • Residenzplatz – the main Christmas Market
  • Stern – A lovely market in the squares outside Sternbrau
  • Fortress – A market in the courtyard of the Hohensalzburg.
  • Mirabell  – A small market just outside the beautiful Mirabell Gardens

A trip to the Christmas Market at Hellbrunn is really worth it but expect to pay an entrance fee at the weekends.

Be aware that it can be very cold in Salzburg so dress accordingly. In the evenings it can get down to -15c.  Check out our guide to Salzburg Weather that gives an idea of the weather throughout the year.

The Fortress and all of the museums are open as usual throughout the winter and provide ample things to do. There are also lots of cafes in the City where you can have a hot chocolate (with rum is delicious).

If you decide to go up the Untersberg mountain – please be aware that it can be very dangerous if you wander from the designated paths.