This is one of the wonders of the natural world. Perched high in the mountains overlooking Werfen, it is a labyrinth of caves extending to over 20 miles. Water seeping into the caves over thousands of years has frozen, forming the spectacular ice sculptures.

The caves are open from May to October and there are tours leaving every few minutes from the cave entrance. Note that even in the height of the summer the temperature in the cave is near or below freezing, so warm clothing and stout shoes are essential.

The tour itself can be quite arduous and visitors are expected to climb a total of 134 metres. Make sure that you are physically capable; those with serious walking difficulties or heart problems should not visit the caves. It is not really suitable for children under 5 because of all the steps.

Once at the carpark, either if you have driven yourself or caught the bus from Werfen, there is a 20 minute walk to the cable car. This then takes you up to the terrace where there is a Gasthof. Here you will have panoramic views over the Salzach valley and the high mountains beyond. There is then another 20 minute walk to the cave entrance.

Opening Times:  The cable car starts running at 08:00 and the last tours are at either 15:45 or 16:45 depending on the time of year.

Cost:  Admission prices are €24 for an adult, €18 for older children and €14 for children. This includes the price of the cable car as well as entrance to the caves.

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