Why Visit the Michael Haydn Museum?

This small museum is dedicated to the life and career of Michael Haydn, the brother of the famous Joseph Haydn.

Johann Michael Haydn was the younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn and lived from 1737 to 1806. He was a contemporary of Mozart and held his work in high esteem. He moved to Salzburg in 1762 and stayed there until his death.

The Haydn Museum is small but well worth a visit. It will show you aspects of Baroque and Classical music that you will not learn about in the mainstream Mozart museums. Michael spent most of his life in Salzburg and composed 37 masses, 43 symphonies, 19 operas. These and the other major works by Michael Haydn provide an impressive portfolio from which visitors of the Haydn Museum can listen into samples. This makes the museum a friendly and quite interactive place

It is interesting to note that whilst Mozart moved to Vienna in frustration, Michael Haydn achieved great success in Salzburg and ended up in a comfortable position at the court of the Prince Archbishop.

Note that the tomb of Michael Haydn can be seen in the St Peter’s Cemetery close to the museum. Crypt 54 is a communal vault and is also the final resting place of Maria Anna Mozart (‘Nannerl’), the older sister of Mozart

Opening Times:

Unfortunately the museum is only open July to September in the afternoons.

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