Why Visit Hanger-7?

Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique building which houses the historical Flying Bulls aircraft fleet and a collection of Formula 1 race cars.

Based at Salzburg Airport this unique building has the appearance of a wing constructed of 1,200 tonnes of steel and 380 tonnes of special glass.

In addition to the historic Red Bull aircraft collection it also includes Red Bull Formula 1 cars and racing bikes. Also on display is the Red Bull Stratos capsule  from which Franz Baumgartner jumped from 40k up in the atmosphere and broke several aeronautic world records. Note that from October 2019 to Jan 2020 this exhibit will be on display in St Petersburg.

There is also a lounge- cafe and a restaurant with visiting chefs from around the world.

Opening Times:

Monday to Sunday 09:00 to 22:00
Closed: Mondays and Thursdays after 20:00 for television recording


Entrance is free.

More Information:


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