Kapitalplatz is the large square behind the Cathedral and has an imposing view of the Fortress standing guard over the City. Here you will find an oversized chess board and the famous work of art “Sphaera,” by Stephan Balkenhol. This represents a male figure on a golden sphere with a neutral expression. You cross Kapitalplaz to reach the Funicular Railway up to the Fortress.

The square is bordered by the Cathedral provostry and the Archiepiscopal palace. The novice’s wing of St. Peter’s Monastery is on the west side together with the Cathedral Chapter’s mills. It was also once the site of the Cathedral Abbey. The high clergy resided on Kapitalplatz and in the palaces in the adjacent streets until the archbishopric was dissolved in 1803.

Under the Fortress is the Chapter Fountain which was built under Archbishop Leopold Firmian in 1732 to plans by Franz Anton Danreiter. The ramp used by the horses to access the water leads to a group of figures. The main character is Neptune the god of the sea, holding a trident and crown, mounted on a seahorse spurting water. The baroque figure was sculpted by Josef Anton Pfaffinger.