The Horse Pond, known as Pferdeschwemme, dates back to 1693 and is to be found in Karajanplatz. It was used to wash the parade horses from the Archbishop’s stables which are actually now the Festival Halls. Travellers would also use it to clean their horses before entering the city. The central statue is called the Horse Tamer and was made by Michael Bernhard Mandl.

A second Horse Pond can be found in Kapitalplatz behind the Dom. This is on a much grander scale.

Next to the Horsepond is the tunnel through the Monschberg and Sigmund’s Gate. This is considered to be the oldest street tunnel in Austria

This one of the many locations used in the Sound of Music during the song “I Have Confidence”.

Close to the Horse Pond is the Monschberg Lift that takes you up to the Museum Der Moderne Terrace with the best view in Salzburg.

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