Here we take a look at the locations in the film that were filmed outside of the actual city.

  • Leopoldskron
  • Frohnburg
  • The Gazebo at Hellbrun
  • The wedding church (Mondsee)
  • The Escape to Switzerland (Rossfeldstrasse)
  • The Do-Re-Me Meadow (Werfen)
  • Maria’s opening song (Bavaria)

Please be aware that although some of these locations are reachable on foot, others will require public transport or a hire car.


This was used for the terrace at the back of the Von Trapp house and looks out over the lake with views to the Untersberg.  The Schloss is now a luxury hotel set in 17 acres of gardens and parkland. The best view of the schloss is from the lake at the rear accessed down the road called Firmianstraße.  Getting to Leopoldskron is tricky by public transport so you may decide on a short taxi ride. If you decide to walk then it will take about 20 minutes from the Old City.


This house was used for the exterior shots of the Von Trapp house. You will find it on the Hellbrunner Allee, a pedestrian path that leads all the way from the Old Town to Schloss Hellbrunn. It is now owned by the Mozarteum and is not open to the public but can see everything you need from the Allee.

The Gazebo

Once filming had finished, the film company left the Gazebo used in ‘Going on Sixteen’ and ‘I must have done something good’ to the city. It is now in the grounds of Schloss Hellbrunn which is south of the city and can be reached by bus or car. Alternatively you can go on the river (not in winter) from the old town by purchasing an excursion ticket.

To be honest, unless you are going to also visit the Schloss and its reknown Trick Water Garden it is not worth going to see on its own as it could be a disappointment.

The Wedding Church

The wedding scenes of Maria and the Captain were filmed at the church in Mondsee. This is in the wonderful Salkammagut area where you will see spectacular mountains and lakes. It can be reached by car using the Autobahn but I would recommend you make day of it and explore this region. It is about an hour by car from Salzburg. Places to visit would include St Gilgen, St Wolfgang and Strobl. These can be reached by taking the regular boats that visit all three.

The Escape to Switzerland

At the very end of the film the family make their escape by walking over the mountains to Switzerland. In fact this was filmed on Rossfeldstrasse to the south of the city and they would have been walking into Germany! If you have a car, this is well worth a visit as the views are amazing. You can look down the entire Salzach valley to the moutains beyond. You can also see the Kelsteinhaus (Eagles Nest)  on its rocky perch and have views of Salzburg’s own mountain the Untersberg.

The Do-Re-Me Meadow

The scene where Maria first starts to teach the children to sing when they are having a picnic was shot in a meadow high above the village of Werfen. It is quite tricky to reach the exact spot but you will be rewarded with views of the Tennengebirge moutains that tower above the valley. Werfen itself can be reached by car and train (about 1 1/2 from Salzburg). Whilst you are there I recommend a visit to Hohen Werfen, the magnificant fortress that guards the pass through the mountains. Each day they have falconry displays where you will see the eagles soar around the mountains. Indeed, this fortress was used in the Richard Burton / Clint Eastwood film ‘Where Eagles Dare’.

Maria’s Opening Song

The iconic opening to the film was shot in a meadow just across the border in Bavaria. A car will be needed to reach the location but it is private land so not completely accessible. Again, the views of the Untersberg and the surrounding mountains are magnificent.